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ATCI offers certification in EMDR Therapy and Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol (IATP-C) for Children.

Certification in EMDR Therapy

Consultations with ATCI clinicians may be used towards EMDR certification. For a list of EMDRIA requirements, click HERE.

Certification in the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol (IATP-C) for Children


  • Completion of the IATP-C EMDR and Family Therapy Workshops.
  • Completion of at least 12 consultation hours related to your use of the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol (IATP-C) for Children. Up to 12 hours may be group consultation hours. (These same consultation sessions can be used towards standard EMDR certification through EMDRIA.)
  • Completion of standard EMDR certification through EMDRIA.
  • Implemented the IATP-C with 5 families for a total of 30 therapy sessions.
  • Submission of 2 letters from colleagues attesting to your ethics in practice and professional character.
  • Submission of the integrative protocol certification application. Download HERE
  • EMDRIA approved consultants who are certified in the integrative protocol may provide consultation for others regarding the integrative protocol.

View a list of experienced clinicians who are certified in IATP-C→

General Certification in EMDR

Debra, Cathy, and Stefanie are EMDRIA-approved consultants and are able to provide general consultation on the use of EMDR therapy with children and adults.


  • Completion of an EMDRIA-approved EMDR basic training.
  • 20 hours of phone or in-person EMDR consultation (at least 10 of which must be one-on-one) with an EMDRIA-approved consultant.
  • 50 hours experience with implementing EMDR therapy with at least 25 clients.
  • Submission of required paperwork to EMDRIA.

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