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Integrative EMDR & Family Therapy Model for Treating Abused and Neglected Children

Learn to implement EMDR to strengthen attachments, develop self-regulation, and heal attachment wounds rooted in a history of abuse, neglect, early medical trauma, or changes in caregivers.

Material will be presented through slides, case presentations, practicum, and videos of the presenters’ work with severely traumatized, complex children.

You will be able to immediately apply innovative strategies and help children with even the most severe behaviors, including stealing, lying, aggression, sexualized behaviors, elimination problems, and defiance.

In the Integrative Attachment Trauma Protocol, EMDR and family therapy are integrated through specific steps.  The family therapy provides the foundational work, increasing sensitivity in parents and improving children’s emotional skills.  The EMDR Therapy directly treats traumatic memories and triggers.

What participants are saying…

“This research driven integrative approach is designed to treat the whole family and put simply: it works. I have been utilizing protocol learned at the conference with many families in my practice, and they are realizing successful outcomes. I highly recommend and invite you to attend the conference.”

“The conference changed my practice in a tremendously positive way. I was able to begin implementing the methods immediately and have seen dramatic improvement in several clients in just a few short weeks.”

“The Attachment and Trauma Center of Nebraska Team has assembled years of evidence-based knowledge and techniques to understand and effectively treat attachment and trauma issues in children and adults. They provide this information and training in a professional and instantly usable fashion.”

“My mind is officially blown!”

“Thank you for so many things to be put to use right away.”

“This was amazing and so helpful.”

“I feel inspired and motivated to learn many new things too exhaustive to list here.  What a thorough training.”

“I am a better practitioner for children with attachment trauma.”

“Excellent presentation! I feel inspired to start using this! I loved the videos and how honest you were about the challenges you face in sessions!”

“These ladies are incredibly smart, funny, humble, and personable. Their personal stories of their work and the videos provided another avenue for learning. I loved everything about this training.”

“It was an amazing training! Applicable in theory and many skills we can use right away.”

“The presenters were fabulous! I loved the entire experience. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!”

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