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EMDR with Children and their Family
using the IATP-C Model

Training for EMDR Mental Health Practitioners that have completed their Basic Training


Presenters: Cathy Schweitzer, MS, LIMHP and Stefanie Armstrong MS, LIMHP- Vancouver and Calgary
Debra Wesselmann, Ms, LIMHP and Cathy Schweitzer,, MS, LIMHP- Toronto and Montreal

Sponsored by: Envision Counseling and Consulting, Inc.

For practitioners who have completed Basic Training I and II

6 EMDRIA Credits

Learn to implement EMDR to strengthen attachments, develop self-regulation, and heal attachment wounds rooted in a history of abuse, neglect, early medical trauma, or changes in caregivers through slides, case presentations, and over 30 videos of our work with severely traumatized, complex children. You will be able to immediately apply innovative strategies and help children with even the most severe behaviors, including stealing, lying, aggression, sexualized behaviors, elimination problems, and defiance.

This is a practical workshop that is rich with creative interventions, inspiring cases, and numerous videos that will allow you to leave the workshop prepared to:


  • Involve parents in “detective work” to understand child behaviors from the AIP model.
  • Facilitate the development of self-awareness and self-regulation skills in children.
  • Process preverbal trauma with EMDR through the therapeutic story.
  • Help parents attune and respond with sensitivity to the emotions and traumatic memories underlying the child’s behaviors.
  • Implement EMDR Attachment Resource Development (ARD) to enhance parent-child attachment prior to memory work.
  • Apply EMDR Self Regulation Development and Installation (SRDI) to increase affect and behavioral regulation.
  • Utilize EMDR empowerment interweaves and other creative interweaves for children with stuck thinking.
  • Use puppets, plays and stories to help children process the past with EMDR.
  • Heal and find safety for the “inner child within the child.”
  • Use EMDR with role plays to process current triggers and develop future templates.
  • Learn to develop collaborative relationships with colleagues to create and effective family-EMDR treatment plan.
    In addition to the training, participants who wish to pursue the certification path will receive:
  • FREE 1 hour virtual Q & A session to be scheduled the month following the training.
  • Case Consultations -Participants may submit cases for consultation to be reviewed in small consultation groups during training.

    The following must be used by June 30, 2020:
  • TWO follow up virtual 2-hour group consultations related to training material for 50% OFF of their standard price of $120 ($60)/consult.
  • 25% OFF The Attachment Trauma Center Institute’s LIVE Virtual Family Therapy component of the IATP-C model.

Dates and Times:

Virtual Workshop from 9:00 am- 5:00 pm EST
September 20-21, 2019


$399 CAD/ $299 CAD until July 6th!

Your Presenters

Debra Wesselmann, MS, LIMHP, Cathy Schweitzer, MS, LIMHP, and Stefanie Armstrong, MS, LIMHP, are internationally known trauma specialists, trainers, and co-authors. The presenters also offer individual and group parent coaching. Learn More →


Refunds on purchased tickets are available only until:

August 15, 2019 – Montreal and Toronto
(no refund after this date).
There is a $75 processing fee for all refunds. *Prices subject to change.


The workshop may be cancelled or postponed 45 days prior to its date due to under-enrollment or other circumstances. Participants may want to wait before making travel arrangements. The workshop shall be cancelled or postponed if unforeseen circumstances, such as presenter illness and/or a natural disaster (a flood, earthquake, tsunami, wildfire, or other major incident) arises. Participants will be refunded 100%

Contact information: Dominique D’Anjou at or 403-801-6710


The Attachment Trauma Center Institute
638 North 109th Plaza
Omaha, NE 68154

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