EMDRIA Credits ONLY-Beyond Desensitization


Training for EMDR trained Mental Health Practitioners
4 EMDRIA Credits approved by emdria.org

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Beyond Desensitization: EMDR to Expand the Window of Tolerance with Children/Teens

Children and teens with a traumatic past are often reactive to ordinary present-day feelings and events in addition to direct reminders of trauma such as a difficult math assignment or interruption of playtime.  Participants will learn to implement EMDR therapy with the goal of expanding children’s feelings tolerance to ordinary daily stressors and eliminating meltdowns, aggression, and other reactive behaviors.  Lecture and videos will illustrate creative methods for activating emotions in session, playful methods of engaging children in processing, and interweaves to activate processing, strengthen emotional coping, and deepen the experience of self-regulation.


Participants will be able to…

  1. Apply the feelings brain-thinking brain activity to increase access to adaptive information.
  2. Initiate Self-Regulation Development and Installation through coaching the child/teen who is dysregulated in session and reinforcing the positive shift with BLS.
  3. Implement the domino activity followed immediately by EMDR Future Rehearsal with a child/teen who easily dysregulates.
  4. Apply an ego state interweave during EMDR reprocessing of a current trigger with a child/teen with a history of developmental trauma.


1 hour     Activating the Thinking Brain and De-escalating Shame
1 hour     Expanding the Window through S-RDI
1 hour     Dominoes, Future Rehearsals, and Two-Drawings
1 hour     Interactive and Ego State Interweaves for Processing Current Triggers

EMDRIA Information

  • All grievances must be in writing to adecapp.atci@gmail.com, and will be replied to within 5-10 business days.
  • Certificates are awarded online after completion of the workshop. Participants print their own certificate after completing an evaluation form.
  • EMDRIA: Approval #01007-52
  • Refund policy: No refunds once registration is complete. Viewing policy: 1 year from registration for the course.

2 reviews for EMDRIA Credits ONLY-Beyond Desensitization

  1. Susan L.

    Very clear and poignant training. I would not hesisitate to recommend it. Defintely worth the money. Very excited to learn from this group. They are professionals and have up to date knowledge of the field.

  2. Edwina G.

    Excellent training. Lots of practical useful tips.

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