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Training for EMDR and Non-EMDR trained Mental Health Practitioners, Counselors, Social Workers, MFTs and Psychologists
Skill level: Intermediate
8 EMDRIA Credits approved by emdria.org

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Attachment-Trauma Specific Interventions for Families: Integrative Protocol (IATP-C)

This 8-hour presentation will give you practical interventions you can use immediately for traumatized children with severe behaviors such as lying, stealing, aggression, sexualized behaviors, and elimination problems. You will develop a common language of healing, interventions to regulate the mind and body and directly, yet gently, address trauma for the families in your practice. In the context of the family therapy work, you will be able to educate parents in Integrative Parenting methods that help integrate their child’s brain.  By working with children and parents to identify children’s negative beliefs and triggers as well as touchstone trauma memories, you will be able to shift parents and children to view behaviors through the trauma lens and provide vital information to the EMDR therapist. You will be able to implement “Detective work” and the “domino method” to remove shame and create new insight for parents and children.  Practitioners will create awareness and compassion for the inner child within the child and create a therapeutic story for healing.  The family therapy component can be implemented as a solo therapist or as part of the IATP-C team for the most efficient resolution of symptoms and behaviors in traumatized children.


Participants will be able to:
1.  Identify the problem behaviors, early traumas, possible negative beliefs, and triggers using the history-taking checklist regarding a child client.
2.  Recall 3 reminders for parents that can help parents become more attuned and supportive of the traumatized child.
3.   Identify 2 rationale for introducing the concept of “the smaller child within the child.”
4.   Identify 3 questions to help parents and child understand and interrupt “the domino effect.”
5.   Identify 2 errors that can change the written therapeutic story from therapeutic to non-therapeutic.


Module One
1 hour       Conceptualization of Attachment Trauma through AIP Model and Overview of Integrative Model
1 hour       Integrative Parenting Approach
1 hour       Mindfulness/Recognizing the Smaller Child Within
1.5 hours  Brainwork

Module Two
1 hour      Detective Work
1 hour      Dominoes
1 hour      Meltdowns
1 hour      Therapeutic Story
1.5 hours  Dissociation/Q & A

EMDRIA Information

EMDRIA: Approval #01007-DL39

Refund policy: No refunds once registration is complete. Viewing policy: 6 months from registration for the course.


  1. Katie R.

    Wonderful course and model! So many great practical strategies for working with families who have been impacted by developmental trauma.

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